Anti-Semitism, anti-Israel bias, and the BDS movement are on the rise at an alarming rate.

The Anti-Defamation League found in a recent report that more than 1 billion people hold anti-Semitic views. Combined with media bias and raised scrutiny after Israel's operation in Gaza, the problem of growing anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism is the worst it's been in years.

*Since the UN Human Rights Council was formed in 2006, 45.9 percent of its resolutions condemning various governments have been against Israel.


Examples of Anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism Around the World During Israel's Operation Protective Edge: July-Aug 2014


It is no secret that Israel and the Diaspora face major struggles in the court of public opinion. Smear campaigns from independent bodies like the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) group and Students for Justice Palestine, as well as media coverage from both the Arab world and biased reporting from mainstream news agencies like the BBC, CNN and MSNBC, mean Israel is constantly facing international scrutiny.

Washington Post's editorial cartoon against Israel published July 16, 2014



Millennials today are quick to take to platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to spread secondhand information, which is often inaccurate or sensationalized. As we saw in Israel’s recent Gaza operation, this misinformation becomes even more pervasive during times of war, when pro-Palestinian groups and supporters are able to flood the internet with material that portrays Israel as violent, aggressive and discriminatory. The anti-Israel agenda being pushed on social media often leads to vitriol and virulent anti-Semitic comments, drawing criticism for Israel that is unheard of for any other democratic nation on Earth.


Lack of Jewish Identity

Increased assimilation, intermarriage and declining birthrates in the Decline in Worldwide Jewish Identity are making the likelihood of today's secular, Reform and Conservative Jews having Jewish grandkids and great-grandkids remote.

Action Plan

Founded in 2011, the Jspace name encompasses a vibrant community of integrated parts, including an up-to-the-minute news section, an events and ticketing platform, and social platform allowing the Jewish people around the world to connect.

Through our vast online and offline reach, Jspace is afforded the unique ability to strengthen ties between Jewish and non-Jewish communities internationally, while providing a forum for social and educational gatherings.

The statistics on anti-Semitism are alarming. The ADL concluded that 35 percent of the world’s population has never heard of the Holocaust. Likewise, even individuals with strong Jewish connections are in danger of losing that identity--a 2013 Pew study found that out of those Jews who have married since 2005, six in ten chose a non-Jewish spouse. And Israel’s recent operation in Gaza generated tremendous criticism and backlash among media and international governments.

Jspace uses its strong social media presence to fight the second media war on Israel. Through our social media reach, we are able to disseminate accurate information via these powerful platforms, informing the public on topics like Israel’s work to prevent civilian casualties and its humanitarian aid to those affected in Gaza.

By organizing offline events, Jspace unites and informs the Jewish community about Israel while promoting Jewish identity. These face-to-face interactions build strong, personal relationships, while promoting a fun and engaging atmosphere that keeps Jewish millennials returning. These experiences are fundamental to strengthening Jewish connections.

How We Do It

Jspace is dedicated to fighting misleading information by offering accurate, non-biased and up to date content about the state of Israel and worldly Jewish affairs via our online newspaper.

Jspace News generates 1.5 million page views a month with over 650,000 unique visitors a month. We reach a wide demographic of Jews and non-Jews alike, helping to spread positive, accurate news about Israel and the Diaspora. Our focus includes, but is not limited to: Israeli advances in science, medicine and technology, including cancer research and clean energy strides; Israeli and Jewish achievements, including our high ratio of Nobel laureates and distinguished honors; Middle East politics, including Israel’s civil rights accomplishments and its constant threats from regimes in Gaza, Iran, Lebanon and beyond; and human interest stories, relating first person tales from the IDF as well as citizens living on the ground in Israel. Jspace News is a platform that supports the Jewish community at large while educating the rest of the world with non-biased information about Israel and the Jewish people.

Jspace Events

Jspace Events brings together young Jewish professionals to interact face-to-face offline. Jspace partners up with many Jewish organizations to centralize the community in each city by sharing information and ideas. Our events team has formed strong relationships with Jewish organizations to foster connections between international groups that might not otherwise have exposure to one another. Jspace has worked with some of the most revered Jewish organizations, including Yad Vashem, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, JNF and the ADL. Mayor Michael Bloomberg served as the key speaker at our Israel’s 65th Independence Day party in NYC.

Events like these are crucial to preserving Jewish identity among a millennial generation that is often lacking that connection. The Taglit-Birthright program has found young Jewish adults that return home from their trips to Israel often participate at higher rates in local Jewish happenings, but those numbers drop off eventually. By organizing events we bring this fundamental demographic together to preserve identity.

Social Media

Jspace has built an incredibly strong social media presence. Our Facebook followers number over 600,000, a figure that is constantly growing, and our posts have an average reach of over 2 million a week. Our followers are made up of passionate Israel supporters who engage in online conversation, opening a real dialogue and sharing our content within their own communities. In this way, our message is spread even further, which is a crucial step, as media bias against Israel and anti-Semitic rhetoric moves online. When Israel is under attack, whether by terrorist cells in the Middle East or virtual slander online, social media is an opportunity to quickly spread accurate information.



In its two short years of existence, Jspace has established itself as a leading voice in the Jewish world and among the Jewish millennials in particular. Though we have been able to foster a strong, committed community behind the Jspace name, we still need your help. Jspace is not satisfied with the status quo, and we are constantly working to achieve a set of goals we’ve established to help strengthen Jewish identity for current and future generations. With your support, we can achieve the following:

  • Create a strong Jewish identity among the millennial generation, a generation that is largely without any identity

  • Strengthen the Jewish community worldwide by bringing together Jews around the globe to share information, content, experiences and ideas through our online platforms and offline events

  • Provide to the world accurate, informative news content and education about Israel, Judaism and the Jewish world, and help combat the alarming worldwide growing anti-Semitism, anti-Israel bias and boycott Israel movement

  • Represent and highlight Israel’s vast accomplishments, contributions and benefits to the world via our online and social reach

  • Bridge the gap between virtual, social communities and real life events, allowing individuals from around the world to interact face-to-face in specifically tailored Jewish events

  • Significantly increase our social media presence via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.--social media is the new virtual war front

  • Significantly increase our online traffic to all of the Jspace platforms

  • Significantly increase the number of hosted Jewish events nationwide and worldwide

Our executive team

Our team is comprised of marketing, event planning and technology experts focused on increasing Jewish engagement.

Meet the team

Itay Koren

Born in Israel; Internet & Media entrepreneur; established startup incubator; Founder of Prime 8 Media, a leading online and social media consulting firm

B.S., Management of Information Services
New Jersey Institute of Technology

Sonya Kreizman
Chief Operating Officer

Born in Russia; grew Jspace from launch to present state while overseeing day-to-day operations including design, development, and content

B.A., Communications & Media Studies
Fordham University

Gil Gibli

Born in Israel; owns leading event planning company 4K; contributor to FIDF, JNF and Dor Chadash; produces major events for NYC’s Israeli/Jewish community

NJ Fairleigh Dickinson
B.A., Business Management, Baruch College

Meara Razon
VP, Community Outreach

Born in US; a decade in Jewish non-profit world; on boards of Dor Chadash, American Zionist Movement and Moatza; plans and manages Jspace events

Non-Profit Management
Hebrew University in Jerusalem
Public Relations, University of Hartford

Our Executive Board

Meet the board

Michael Blend

Past president and COO of Demand Media, Inc., Blend has two decades of experience in the tech and domain name industries. Blend founded Hotkeys and served as VP of corporate development for Aliph, served as VP of business and corporate development for, and founded Darwin Keyboards.

B.A., Mathematics, Duke University
J.D., University of Chicago Law School

Lawrence Fish

President of Financier Patisserie and past CFO of McCann Erickson, Fish has over two decades of operational and financial leadership experience.

M.B.A., Columbia University

Guy Ironi

Ironi is a past COO of Raymond Weil USA and Di MODOLO International, and a past member of Israeli delegations for negotiations with the Palestinian Authority and peace talks with Jordan.

IDF Central Computer/Technology School
M.B.A., Columbia University

Gary L. Herman

Herman is a hedge fund manager and has sat on the boards of companies focused on tech, manufacturing and restaurants. Herman was previously a member of the Board of Directors of the New York City Industrial Development Agency to which former NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani appointed him.

B.A., Political Science
State University of New York at Albany

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